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泌尿科 Prof. Lee, Young Ju

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Voiding dysfunction, Urinary incontinence in women, Pediatric urology , Hematuria, Cystitis, Painful bladder syndrome , Men infertility, Prostatic hyperplasia , Overactive bladder , Urinary stone disease, Endoscopic surgery, Ultramicroscopic surgery, Laparoscopic surgery


  • Seoul National University
  • CHA University


  • Urology, Seoul National University hospuital
  • Urology, Seoul National University Bundang hospital
  • Director, Urology, CHA Ilsan medical center

学会, 研究, 研修, 授奖经历

  • Academician, Korean Continence Society
  • 1st prize, 7th Symposium on Affordable New Technologies in Urology (SANTU) at SIU, 2017
  • Author, Surgery, Oncologic Imaging:Urology Ch.1 Renal Tumors

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