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Postpartum Care Center

For First-Time Visitors


CHA Ilsan Medical Center Postpartum Care Center
provides world class postpartum services.

For inquires : 031-782-8998(KOR) / +82-10-8866-2268(ENG)

CHA Ilsan Medical Center Postpartum Care Center provides world class postpartum services.

For inquires :
031-782-8998(KOR) / +82-10-8866-2268(ENG)
Services Specialized in Health and Safety
  • For Baby
    • 24-hour professional nurses available for newborn care
    • Able to quickly respond to medical emergencies that might occur to newborns as the NICU and pediatrics department is located within the same building
    • Pediatrician makes rounds to the nursery at the Postpartum Care Center
    • Observation room, nursing room, and washing room are separated to systematically manage infection control
    • Air purifier with Hepa filter system (FFU) inside the nursery to maintain clean air
    • Automatic air conditioning system for proper temperature control in the nursery
    • Anti-glare lighting
    • Nursery on each floor
    • Continuous monitoring from the Infection Control Department
    • All equipment used in the nursery are thoroughly sterilized
    • Nursery is disinfected and sterilized by using UV sterilizers on a daily basis
  • For Mother
    • ONE STOP SERVICE from delivery to postpartum care
    • Restricting visitors to give maximum relaxation to the mother
    • Entrance only upon using card key
    • Hotel-style heater and air conditioner installed in all rooms
    • Emergency call bell installed in all rooms
High-Quality Furnishings for Optimal Relaxation
  • Room management system
  • Duxiana beds in all rooms
  • Polish goose bedding
  • Oxygen generator and air purifier
  • Newest Medela breast pump
  • Luxury amenities
  • Deluxe, Superior, Presidential rooms
Health Lectures by Korea’s Top Medical Staff
  • Lectures by pediatricians (Managing our baby’s health)
  • Lectures by obstetricians (Managing health after delivery)
  • Lectures by psychiatrists (Healthy postpartum mental health)
  • Mother and Parent College programs
Customized Postpartum Care Service
  • Provide customized feeding solutions according to breastfeeding plan
  • Individual postpartum care solution provided
  • Personalized breast care for each individual
  • Provides personalized self-workout solutions according to each individual’s body shape and type of pain
  • Provides TEA therapy based on the mother’s condition
Meal Service
  • Premium diet high in proteins for rapid recovery and supplementing nutrients
  • Identify allergies and preferences through a dedicated dietitian
  • Premium meal offered on the last day before discharge
  • Complimentary breakfast for husband
Diverse Entertainment
  • Atelier: European workshop with various activities
  • Meditation Center: resting space for relaxation and healing of mind and body
  • Les Trois: high-quality healing space with events, tea, and relaxation
Concierge Service
  • Emergency services
  • Room service
  • Strict management of room condition, temperature, and etc.