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CHA Ilsan Medical Center

About Us

South Korea’s largest women’s general hospital with 8 specialized centers and 15 departments.

Through CHA Ilsan Medical Center, we will introduce a new concept of
innovative medical services by offering next generation care with a model medical
complex facility comprising of leading global networks

CHA Medical Center holds a 60 year history of providing patient-centered care and to continue its legacy and reputation, CHA Ilsan Medical Center has opened its doors as South Korea’s largest women’s general hospital. Our extensive health care system includes over 80 committed medical staff, 8 centers, 15 departments, and holds 400 beds. CHA Ilsan Medical Center is determined to become the centerpiece of the community and to serve others through state-of-the-art medical technology and the unwavering commitment of our dedicated multidisciplinary medical team.

In-hospital Multidisciplinary Team for
Women’s Cancer

CHA Ilsan Medical Center’s distinctive feature is its all-inclusive medical service in the field of women’s cancer. We provide a full and comprehensive treatment for cancers affecting women. CHA Ilsan Medical Center implemented a “Multidisciplinary Women’s Cancer Medical Team” which consists of 15 specialists and three centers: Gynecologic Oncology Center, Breast Center, and Thyroid Cancer Center.
These specialized centers are lead by Professor Lee, Ki Hun, director of the Gynecologic Oncology Center, expert on minimally invasive surgeries, Professor Park, Jung Soo, director of the Thyroid Cancer Center, who has performed more than 15,000 surgeries, and Professor Kang, Sung Soo, director of the Breast Center and an expert on breast preservation surgery.
About Us

Fertility Preservation for Patients with
Cancer & Emotional Counselling
After Cancer Treatment

For patients undergoing various cancer treatments, fertility preservation may offer hope for building a family in the future. At our Oncofertility Center, we tailor the fertility preservation treatment for each patient.

Oncofertility Center recognizes that fertility is an important issue related to long-term quality of life. Fertility preservation involves oocyte(egg) and embryo freezing/banking and would be used to try to achieve pregnancy in the future.
In addition to fertility preservation, we also focus on the mind and body of our patients by offering South Korea’s first ever ‘Emotional Treatment System for Cancer Patients’ which integrates both rehabilitation and psychological counseling.

A Global Medical Center for
Women’s and Children’s Health

To become a world-class women’s and children’s hospital that is unmatched anywhere else, all 60 years of experience from every facility of CHA Medical Center has been integrated into CHA Ilsan Medical Center.

About Us
South Korea’s first ever ‘Prenatal Class’ is another innovative approach by CHA Medical Center which involves a variety of classes where you can learn about your baby’s development, valuable tips for prenatal care, and what to expect during labor and delivery. Expectant mothers can also get abundant information on fundamentals of infant care, including how to provide a safe and nurturing environment that will positively support your baby’s physical and emotional wellness.
With extensive expertise in diagnosing and treating infertility, Professor Han, Sae Yeol is a 1st generation specialist of infertility and biomedical medicine who will lead our Fertility Center. In our obstetrics department, we have Professor Shin, Seung Joo who was a director at CHA Gangnam Medical Center prior to joining CHA Ilsan Medical Center, Professor Kang, Suk Ho, director of the Birthing Center, and Professor Kim, Ji Yeon specializing in high-risk pregnancies and twin births. With our compassionate and remarkably qualified physicians on board, you can expect to experience the highest and safest quality of care.
About Us
Especially for high-risk pregnancies, we introduced South Korea’s one and only delivery system with 24 hours, 365 days of direct care from your physician. There is also a specialist around the clock stationed at the intensive care unit, and the NICU with state-of the-art technology making it possible to monitor and respond immediately to high-risk patients and premature newborns.
Pediatrics Department consists of 10 specialists, subdivided into pediatric emergency, pediatric endocrine, pediatric allergy/respiratory, pediatric cardiology, newborns, pediatrics and adolescence, and etc., who are assigned to provide specialized care tailored to each child’s symptoms and condition. Furthermore, our NICU is currently the largest within the northern Gyeonggi Province, operating 24 hours a day to serve high-risk newborns in the region.
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Optimizing on Patient Convenience and
a ‘Win-Win Model’ with Clinics

CHA Ilsan Medical Center CHAUM Life Center is a new hospital model beyond what anyone has seen with both commercial and cultural facilities in addition to medical facilities. The entire 3rd floor of CHAUM Life Center is occupied by first tier medical clinics such as dentistry, dermatology, ophthalmology, pain medicine, and orthopedics.

These clinics combined with CHA Ilsan Medical Center has created a positive synergy by supporting each other’s medical services while simultaneously attracting patients from overseas and within South Korea. Furthermore, a large bookstore, children’s retail, health & beauty care, cafes, and restaurants are located on the basement level 1 to the 2nd floor. This innovative medical complex will allow patients within South Korea and overseas to enjoy various experiences other than just medical care and also contribute to society by providing jobs for the community.
About Us