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OBGYN(Fertility Center) Prof. Han, Se Yul

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Pargnancy of older mothers , IVF of immature oocyte, Storage of reproductive cells, Fertility preservation, Fertility preservation in pre-menopausal women, Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy

Professor Career

  • Yonsei University
  • CHA University

Medical Experience

  • Director, OBGY, CHA Gangnam medical center, CHA University
  • Assistant head, CHA Gangnam fertility center, CHA University
  • Director, CHA Daegu women's hospital
  • Head, Fertility center, CHA Gumi medical center, CHA University
  • Director, The wise OBGY hospital
  • Fertilicy center, CHA University
  • OBGY, CHA Ilsan medical center, CHA University
  • Head, CHA Ilsan medical center, CHA University

Society, Research, Training, Awards

  • Korean Society of Obestrics and Gynecology
  • The Korean society of Infertility
  • The Korean Society for assisted Reproduction

  • Paper
  1. H.M.Chung, S.W.Hong, J.M.Lim, S.H.Lee, J.J.Ko, S.Y.Han, D.H.Choi, K.Y.Cha; 총 103개의 난자를 조자화 냉동 및 해동 후 염색체와 정상파 정상분열의 가능성에 대한 연구인 In vitro blastocyst formation of human oocytes from un-stimulated and stimulated cycles after vitrification at various maturational stages. Fertility & Sterility 73(3):545-551, 2000.3
  2. T.K.Yoon, H.M.Chung, J.M.Lim, S.Y.Han, J.J.Ko, K.Y.Cha; 초자화 난자 냉동 후 임신 및 분만례 보고인 Pregnancy and delivery of healthy infants developed from vitrified oocytes in a stimulated IVF-ET program. Fertility & Sterility 74(1):180-181, 2000.7
  3. K.Y.Cha, S.Y.Han, H.M.Chung, D.H.Choi, J.M.Lim, W.S.Lee, J.J.Ko, T.K.Yoon; PCO 환자에서 난소 과자극없이 미성숙난자를 채취하여 체외수정술로 적용할 수 있는 가능성인 Pregnancies and deliveries after IV culture followed by IVF-ET without stimulation in women with PCOS. Fertility & Sterility 74(5):978-, 2000.11