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Nuclear medicine examination, Nuclear oncology, Nuclear neurology, Nuclear cardiology , Nuclear medicine treatment, Radiation safety control


  • CHA University


  • Nuclear Medicine, Samsung Medical Center
  • Nuclear Medicine, CHA Bundang Medical Center, CHA University
  • Nuclear Medicine, CHA Ilsan Medical Center, CHA University

学会, 研究, 研修, 授奖经历

  • American Society of Nuclear Medicine
  • Korean Society of Nuclear Medicine
  • Best Paper Award, Korean Society for Nuclear Medicine, 2018
  • The Alavi-Mandell Award, SNMMI, 2017

  • 论文
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  2. Joohee Lee, Kihyun Kim, Jin-Oh Choi, Seok Jin Kim, Eun-Seok Jeon, Joon Young Choi; 99mTc-DPD scintigraphy and SPECT/CT in patients with AL and ATTR type amyloidosis Potential clinical implications, Medicine, 2020
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