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Hospital Floor Guide

General Appointment

Depending on the situation and the number of patients,
or in some cases the professor’s circumstances, outpatient registration/check-in may close early.
Working Hours
Type Registration/Check-In Consultation Hours
Weekdays 08 : 00 AM ~ 04 : 30 PM 08 : 30 AM ~ 05 : 30 PM
Saturdays 08 : 00 AM ~ 11 : 30 AM 08 : 30 AM ~ 12 : 30 PM
Lunch Hour 12 : 30 PM ~ 01 : 30 PM
  • Registration/Check-in hours for outpatient consultation may close early depending on the number of patients or the situation of the department. It may also be closed depending on the professor’s circumstance.
  • In addition, because there are many patients in the pediatrics department, the department usually closes their registration/check-in 30 minutes early. Please keep this in mind and register/check-in as soon as possible.
Already paid for scheduled appointment (have an appointment slip) You may go directly to the department for consultation.
First-time patients

Bring either your Korean National Health Insurance care or ID and fill out the registration form and submit it to the payment desk. Once you have paid for your consultation, you may go to the department.

Repeat patients

Pay for consultation at the payment desk then go to the department for consultation.

※ If you are eligible for Hipass, you may scan your barcode and go directly to the department.

※ Notifying Arrival at the Department
Once you have already paid for your consultation and arrive at the department, scan your barcode at the kiosk near the registration/check-in area or you may notify your arrival through the CHA Ilsan Medical Center app.
* Barcode can be found on your CHA Ilsan Medical Center’s app, receipt, or kiosk)

  • You are required to pay at the payment desk first prior to picking up any medications, prescriptions, and/or doing any exams.
  • Those who are eligible for Hipass, do not need to pay first and can go directly to the department or do an exam.

    ※ What is Hipass? Once a patient saves their credit card information at the payment desk, they do not need to visit the payment desk for future visits. Charges will automatically be made for faster and easier payment process.