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Nursery at CHA Ilsan Medical Center
Visiting Hours
Type Hours
1st Visiting Hours 13:30 ~ 14:00
2st Visiting Hours 19:00 ~ 20:00

*Same hours on weekdays and holidays.

Rooming-In and Breastfeeding
  • Rooming-In
    • For successful breastfeeding, rooming-in is essential.
    • Rooming-in allows you to actively breastfeed and strengthen the bond between mother and baby.
    • Rooming-in is allowed after checking the baby’s health.
    • Baby baths and checkups are done in the nursery every day.
    • For the safety of the baby, a nurse from the nursery assists with breastfeeding.
    • Rooming-in are only allowed in single rooms.
    • Rooming-in hours are at least 12 to 25 hours. Items needed for newborns (except baby wipes) are provided by the hospital.
    • Call the nursery if you need anything. (031-782-8472, KOR)
    • What to bring: Mother’s photo ID, baby wipes.
  • Precautions during Rooming-In
    • Family members or children with a cold are asked to refrain from visiting newborns.
    • Never leave the newborn unattended.
    • Please note that the hospital cannot be held responsible for any problems caused by the carelessness of a family member.
    • To prevent infection to newborns, be sure to wash your hands before and after touching the newborn.
    • If you notice any abnormal symptoms such as difficulty breathing, bluish skin color, elevated body temperature, refusing (breast)milk, convulsions, etc., immediately contact the nursery.
  • Breastfeeding
    • The baby is breastfed in the delivery room immediately after delivery
    • The breastfeeding room can be used anytime except when sterilizing the room.
    • Please try to avoid breastfeeding during rounds.
    • Call the nursery if you need anything. (031-782-8472, KOR)
  • Newborn Exams
    • Forms need to be filled out and submitted when the baby is sent to the nursery.
    • Hepatitis B vaccination (covered by the Korean government)
    • Comprehensive congenital metabolic screening (covered by the Korean government)
    • Hearing test (covered by the Korean government)
    • Blood type test (optional)
  • What to Prepare for Discharge
    • Mother’s photo ID, onesie, swaddle
  • Discharge Process
    • Present mother’s photo ID and discharge slip (given by the payment desk) to the nursery for when you are ready to discharge and go home. Make sure to listen to all the precautions prior to discharge.
  • Complimentary Education
    Type Schedule Location
    Breastfeeding (undetermined) Wednesdays on the 1st & 3rd week / 12:30 PM undetermined
    Touch of love (undetermined) Last Monday of each month / 3 PM undetermined