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With your unwavering determination to overcome infertility,
we will be there with you through it all.

For inquiries: 031-782-8300(KOR) / +82-10-8866-2268(ENG)

With your unwavering determination to overcome infertility, we will be there with you through it all.

For inquiries: 031-782-8300(KOR) /
World-Renowned Technology
Fertility technology of CHA Fertility Center, which continuously draws in the world’s attention, is once again introduced at CHA Ilsan Medical Center.

CHA Health Systems, which started as CHA Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinic in 1960, established CHA Fertility Center specializing in infertility in 1984 and has consistently executed research for treating infertility. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology have recognized CHA Fertility for its high achievements. In addition to research outcomes being introduced in US textbooks and TIME magazine, CHA Fertility Center has been recognized as a leading institution in the world’s reproductive medicine, which lead to establishing fertility centers in the U.S., Australia, Japan and Southeast Asian countries and exporting fertility treatment techniques overseas.
High Pregnancy Rate through State-of-the-Art Technology and Equipment
The newly established CHA Fertility Center at CHA Ilsan Medical Center is a leading state-of-the-art facility with the most modern equipment, which offers not only the most commonly known assisted reproductive technology, in vitro fertilization, but also specializes in fertility preservation, which amplifies CHA’s already recognized success rate.
Patient-Centered Medical Care
With 60 years of experience with fertility patients, CHA Fertility Center is committed to deliver compassionate and individualized care to each and every patient.
Highly Experienced Medical Staff with Reputable Medical Academic Background
60 years of experience includes Korea’s first baby to be born after a successful IVF, Korea’s first ICSI, world’s first pregnancy and birth outcomes following a successful IVF with immature oocyte and world’s first pregnancy and birth outcome after successful vitrified embryo transfer. With these expertise, CHA Fertility Center promises to provide all the expert care you need.
Effective Multidisciplinary Team of Specialists
In addition to CHA Fertility Center at CHA Ilsan Medical Center, other related departments (obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, urology, internal medicine, gynecologic oncology center, and psychiatry) may simultaneously participate in providing the best medical care.
We know that to conceive life is the beginning of something very sacred that could never be replaced, which is why we have spent the past 60 years comforting and working together with our fertility patients. We will continue to remind ourselves the importance of how precious life is and make it our mission to try to find hope and happiness in all those who are on this journey to create new life.