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We provide the best services which
includes thorough radiation safety management
and minimizing patient waiting time.

For inquires: 031-782-8300(KOR) / +82-10-8866-2268(ENG)

We provide the best services which includes thorough radiation safety management and minimizing patient waiting time.

For inquires: 031-782-8300(KOR) /
About Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear medicine is a specialized state-of-the-art field in radiology that uses very small amounts of radionuclide (radioactive tracer) to examine organ function and structure. A tiny amount of a radioactive tracer is given and once the radioactive tracer is absorbed by the body tissue, radiation will be given off. A radiation detector will then detect the behavior of the tracer for the physician to assess and diagnose various conditions such as cancer, neurological disease, cardiovascular disease, endocrine disease, kidney disease, and etc.

The Nuclear Medicine Department includes the reception room, preparation room, radionuclide injection room, waiting room, recovery room, radioactive material storage room, and three scanning rooms. Each of the three scanning rooms have a gamma lab that does brain scan, heart scan, tests musculoskeletal, kidney, liver, gallbladder, spleen, gastrointestinal systems, and PET/CT for early diagnosis and determining metastasis of cancer, imaging brain metabolism, and thyroid uptake. The tests are conducted by specialists with expertise in nuclear medicine and these experienced experts provide quick and accurate results to ensure proper medical treatment. Continuous efforts are being made to provide the best services by minimizing radiation exposure through strict radiation safety management and reducing patient waiting time to minimize patient inconvenience.
PET/CT Equipment

[Model/Manufacturer : Discovery MI DR, GE Healthcare]

It is a premium PET/CT system with the added flexibility of a diagnostic CT (128 slice) and PET equipment, and shows functional images by imaging the radiation distribution in the human body using the tracer. In most diseases, functional and biochemical changes occur before anatomical morphology changes, and by imaging them, early diagnosis of various diseases, including cancer, can be detected, and minor changes can be detected to help decide on the best clinical treatment option. PET/CT introduced at CHA Ilsan Medical Center is a state-of-the-art equipment equipped with the Q.Clear. The result is outstanding resolution, two times the improvement in the detection of small lesions as well as repeatable quantitative accuracy measurement from one exam to the next. This equipment can also reduce CT dose (radiation) by up to 82 percent at the same image quality.

SPECT/CT Equipment

[Model/Manufacturer : NM/CT 870DR, GE Healthcare]

A premium SPECT/CT system with the added flexibility of a standalone CT that includes the latest advancements in dose and metal artifact reduction technology. This system is a low-dose CT that is intended to aid in detecting, localizing, diagnosing of diseases and organ function for the evaluation of disease with minimal radiation exposure.

Thyroid Uptake Equipment

[Model/Manufacturer : Captus 4000, Capintec]

A comprehensive Nuclear Medicine Measurement System, with specific software modules for thyroid uptake. Along with the thyroid scan, it measures the radioactive uptake rate as a quantitative indicator for thyroid function to help physicians diagnose.