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We help patients live
with happily with peaceful mind.

For inquires: 031-782-8300(KOR) / +82-10-8866-2268(ENG)

We help patients live with happily with peaceful mind.

For inquires: 031-782-8300(KOR) /
About Psychiatry
The Department of Psychiatry is not only a medical field that diagnoses and treats mental illness, but also helps manage and relieve stress to prevent the occurrence of mental illness, and promote mental health. Adults, children, adolescents and seniors can receive help and be consulted on their individual problems as well as psychological pain and mental illness.
Specialized Professional Treatment According to Woman’s Life Cycle
The Psychiatry Department at CHA Ilsan Medical Center offers a variety of professional and diverse psychiatric evaluations and treatments centered on women. Women often suffer both physically and mentally due to psychological and social factors, along with various physiological changes related to their reproductive cycles, such as pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, or infertility. Physiological differences including hormones and the structural and neurodevelopmental differences cause differences in prevalence and symptoms and treatment responses between men and women. In the case of major depression disorder, prevalence is twice as high in women than men, and in many diseases, such as anxiety disorders, pre-menstrual discomfort and mood disorders, dietary disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorders, prevalence is much higher in women than men. Accordingly, the Psychiatry Department provides integrated and specialized treatment through customized evaluation and professional counseling according to the life cycle of women.
Differentiated Psychotherapy Through Meditation and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy
The Psychiatry Department offers efficient and differentiated psychotherapy. A mindfulness-based cognitive therapy approach using meditation can help us understand how our minds work, especially how our specific thoughts and emotions interfere with our awareness, and automatically and unconsciously lead to thoughts that often cause stress. By acquiring specific training through meditation therapy programs, we have the opportunity to build new relationships with everyday things, different than ever before, by allowing us to non-judgmentally accept the experiences rather than the stress events and situations that occur. As a result, it helps to lead a more free and happy life for those who lack confidence and are prone to negative thoughts. In addition, even if psychiatric medication is required through diagnosis, it may be an alternative to effective treatment in cases when medication is not preferred, or when medication is not possible due to physical conditions and underlying illness. In the case of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, it has already been proven as a first-line treatment to relieve symptoms and lower the recurrence rate by being applied to major depressive disorder and panic disorder in domestic and international psychiatry.
We provide help to:
those who have symptoms of stress, such as depression, anxiety, insomnia,
women's depression and stress from pregnancy, childbirth or infertility,
stress counseling due to education and friendship with children and adolescents,
those who suffer from difficulties at work, personal relationships, and psychological trauma,
those who need to recover mental health for effective cancer treatment and rehabilitation.