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We will help patients recover
so they can carry on their daily lives.

For inquires: 031-782-8300(KOR) / +82-10-8866-2268(ENG)

We will help patients
recover so they can carry on
their daily lives.

For inquires: 031-782-8300(KOR) /
About Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation medicine is a field for diagnosing and treating patients with symptoms and dysfunctions caused by various diseases and accidents. It is approached from a physical, mental, and social point of view and aims to help patients recover so they can live their daily life with maximum functions under the given conditions.

The Rehabilitation Department at CHA Medical Center is dedicated to treating patients with physical and mental disabilities with specialized medical fields in cancer rehabilitation and neuromusculoskeletal pain rehabilitation.
Main Expertise / Clinic / Exams
Cancer Rehabilitation / Lymphedema Clinic : Provides treatment and education programs including massages, special exercise, and bandage/stocking therapy according to accurate diagnosis of lymphatic edema in the upper and lower extremities that may occur during or after cancer treatment or radiation therapy

Pain Clinic : Accurately diagnoses acute and chronic pain using plain x-rays, musculoskeletal ultrasound, MRI, etc., and provides the most effective treatment that includes medications, injection therapy, extracorporeal shock wave therapy, and exercise therapy.

Electromyography : Diagnosis of peripheral, central nervous system and muscular system abnormalities through electromyography, needle electromyography, and evoked potential testing.

Balance Test : Evaluate balance disorders that occur in patients with peripheral neuropathy, musculoskeletal disease patients, as well as elderly people, and provide bio-feedback treatment.

Neurogenic bladder : urinary conditions in patients who lack bladder control (neurogenic bladder) due damage to the central and peripheral nerves.

Eating Disorder Treatment : Analyzes swallowing function through barium swallow test and provides proper nutrition education, electric stimulation treatment, and swallowing rehabilitation treatment.

Assessment and production of prosthesis / orthosis and wry neck clinic