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Operating Hours
The artificial kidney center is operated by reservation. Patients are requested to visit the hospital after making an appointment in advance.
Hemodialysis Procedure
  1. 1 Reception
  2. 2 Wearing a patient gown in the changing room (using the locker)
  3. 3 Weight measurement
  4. 4 Dialysis treatment started from the guided bed
    ※ If you have any ‘pain’ during treatment, please tell the nurse.
  5. 2 Care of the attending physician and the nurse in charge during dialysis
    : If you are having difficulty or urgent business during dialysis, please press the call bell attached to the machine.
  6. 3 Blood pressure and weight measurements in bed after dialysis
  7. 4 Go home after changing patient clothes
Blood tests are conducted on a regular basis once a month. Depending on the results, additional tests for anemia, calcium and phosphorus may be required in the middle of each month. To manage complications, vascular calcification, echocardiography, abdominal ultrasound, and bone density tests are performed once a year.
Medication Prescription
  • If there are 3 days' worth of medicine left, please get a medicine prescription. (If possible, we recommend that you receive a prescription and pick it up on weekdays.)
    ※ Weekend outpatient pharmacy is open only in the morning
  • After making a payment, check in front of the pharmacy to make sure the prescribed medication is correct before returning home.
Dialysis Schedule Change
If you need to change your dialysis schedule, consult your nurse directly one week before the change.
Fall Prevention
  • Do not stand up on the bed.
  • When dialysis, the bed rails are raised and you do not fall over the railings.
  • If necessary, always ask the nurse for help.
How to Evacuate in case of Fire during Hemodialysis

  1. 1 Stop the hemodialysis equipment.
  2. 2 Lock all 4 locks.
  3. 3 Cut near the locking device with scissors in each area.
  4. 4 After minimizing blood loss, evacuate according to the guidance of the staff.
    ※ There is no time to put blood in the event of a fire during dialysis. If you evacuate to the emergency medical center on the first floor with the guidance of the hospital staff while the hemodialysis line is cut as shown in the picture, the artificial kidney center nurses will help stop bleeding.
Storage of Goods
  • For lockers in the changing room, the patient sets a password (4 digits) and uses it, and if you do not remember the password, contact the nurse.
  • Expensive valuables may be lost, so please be careful to keep them in the locker. (The hospital is not responsible for any loss of valuable valuables.)
Parking Information
Type Details Criteria for Free Parking
Hospital Visit Outpatient: up to 4 hours free
Fertility: up to 6 hours free
ER: 24 hours free
Show receipt
Voice of the Customer
Customers who wish to consult with suggestions, inconveniences and grievances, please use the voice of the customer on the website.
Telephone Homepage
031-782-8300 Go to Contact Us↗
※ You can also use the customer's voice box on each floor.