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Hospital Floor Guide

Delivery Room

Admission Guide
  • Maternity patients for delivery or those who require absolute stability due to premature labor are admitted to the delivery room first
  • If you feel contractions during hospital working hours, please visit your physician’s outpatient clinic. During outside working hours, please go directly to the delivery counseling room on the 6th floor and call (031-782-8535, KOR).
  • When you are hospitalized, the guardian should follow the nurse's instructions and should not leave the room until instructed to do so.
Admission Process

For the safety of the mother and the fetus, several tests and treatments are done. The non-stress test, anemia test, and urine test are some of the basic tests and possibly additional tests may be done.


You will be in the recovery room for 1 to 2 hours after delivery to observe the bleeding and contractions of the uterus, etc. Your spouse/guardian may visit you in the recovery room and it is recommended to bring your socks and underwear.