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Rooming-In Guide
  • Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for newborns and infants after birth. Feeding a mother’s breast milk to a newborn after childbirth is very important for the formation of a mother-child relationship and deepens the bond.
  • Newborns need an environment that satisfies their needs. Rooming-in allows mothers to breastfeed often which will lead to an increased milk production.
  • It's a good opportunity for the spouse/partner to learn and get comfortable in taking care of the newborn naturally by helping the mother with breastfeeding, holding the a baby and changing diapers.
  • For families or children who have a cold should refrain from visiting newborns.
  • Never leave your newborn alone.
  • Please note that the hospital cannot be held responsible for any problems caused by the negligence of a family member.
  • Be sure to wash your hands before and after touching the newborn to prevent infections.
  • If you notice any abnormal symptoms such as difficulty breathing, bluish skin color, elevated body temperature, refusing (breast)milk, convulsions, etc., immediately contact the nursery.