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Hospital Floor Guide

Admission / Discharge Guide

Admission Guide
  • Submit your admission confirmation form (given to you by your physician) to the admission · discharge desk (6th floor).
  • On the day of admission, bring your insurance card and ID and go to the admission · discharge desk with your guardian.
  • Inform your nurse of your admission time and the nurse will take you to the inpatient ward.
  • Depending on the situation, there may be waiting time to be checked-in. Once you have arrived to your room, change into the hospital gown provided and get further directions from the nurse.
What to Bring
  • What to bring : You may bring the following items or purchase them at a nearby convenient store. (paper cups, tissue, towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, slippers)
  • Patient gown and bed sheets are provided by the hospital . (Bed sheets, blankets, pillows for guardians are not provided.)
  • For VIP rooms, tissue, soap, microwave, platters, etc. are provided.
  • Fire hazardous items, electric heaters, food with a strong smell, alcohol, poker cards, cash, valuables, etc. should not be brought to the hospital.
Discharge Process
Estimated Medical Bill
  • If you are discharged outside of normal working hours or on a holiday, you will pay the estimated total since the exact medical expense cannot be calculated outside of normal working hours.
  • When the exact calculation is completed on the next working day, you will be asked to come in and bring with you your receipt for the estimated medical bill, credit card that was used to pay for the estimated bill, and ID to settle the final medical bill.
  • If you cannot come in in person please contact us. (☎ Admission · Discharge Desk 031-782-8714, KOR)