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Customized Birth

The following is information about CHA Ilsan Medical Center’s delivery rooms.
We will do our best to care for our mothers.
For Delivery Room inquires at CHA Ilsan Medical Center : 031-782-8535(KOR)
Lamaze Delivery

Lamaze delivery method is the most generalized natural delivery method which aims to minimize pain with the help of your spouse. It involves relaxing the body's tension and reducing the intensity of pain through breathing techniques and also leads to quick progress of childbirth.

Couple’s Delivery

As oppose to a secluded delivery process, in which the mother has to endure the pain during labor and delivery alone, this couple’s delivery method actively involves the spouse. The spouse enters the delivery room and participates in the labor and delivery process together with the mother.

Family Delivery

The delivery method, in which the spouse and family members participate in and experience the delivery process, allows the family to share the experience with the mother while providing emotional stability and comfort, as well as further strengthening the family bond.

Painless Delivery

Anesthesia is administered between the lumbar vertebrae to prevent pain during childbirth while the motor nerves are untouched, enabling natural delivery. Not only can the mother give birth naturally without pain, but can also reduce delivery time.