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The following is information about VBAC. We will do our best to care for our mothers.
For VBAC inquires at CHA Ilsan Medical Center : 031-782-8535(KOR)
What is VBAC?
VBAC stands for "vaginal birth after cesarean" and refers to giving birth through the vagina after a woman has already had a cesarean section. Vaginal delivery can help avoid complications from surgery and adhesions of intraperitoneal organs, but most importantly, it can have a good effect on the formation of a mother-baby bonding as the baby can be held and breastfed immediately.
World’s Best Obstetrician with Expert Skills Available 24-Hours at CHA Ilsan Medical Center
Not everyone is a candidate for VBAC. Through consultations and ultrasounds, your physician can determine whether VBAC is a good option for you. For a safe and successful VBAC; skilled specialists, anesthesiologists and surgical teams are always on standby. It is also essential to have surgical facilities in the delivery room in case emergency cesarean section is needed. CHA Ilsan Medical Center has 24-hour obstetrics and gynecology specialists and anesthesiologists ready to act in emergency situations.
Is VBAC an Option for Everyone?
  • No. You should consider VBAC under the following conditions.
    • Had only one previous cesarean section through a low transverse incision
    • Wide pelvis
    • No previous history of fibroid surgery like myomectomy
    • VBAC should be considered if the hospital is equipped to provide emergency cesarean section