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Delivery Room

The following is information about CHA Ilsan Medical Center’s delivery rooms.
We will do our best to care for our mothers.
For Delivery Room inquires at CHA Ilsan Medical Center : 031-782-8535(KOR)

The Birthing Center at CHA Ilsan Medical Center, which boasts a world-renowned 60-year-old tradition, puts the safety of mother and fetus as top priority. The delivery room at CHA Ilsan Medical Center share the overwhelming wonders of life that cannot be described into words. The delivery room at CHA Ilsan Medical Center is open 24 hours, 365 days with obstetricians, anesthesiologists, and pediatricians specializing in newborns available at all times to respond to any emergencies.
We are committed to preparing childbirth in the most comfortable and safe manner with various customized delivery methods.

Distinguished Delivery Room Service at CHA Ilsan Medical Center
  • A family delivery room where husbands can participate in the delivery process.
  • Environment-friendly interior for comfortable experience with soundproofing facilities to protect the privacy of mothers
  • Personalized nursing care using fetal monitoring device and mobile PC to monitor the condition of all mothers in the physician’s office.
  • Encouraging VBAC delivery system that enables natural delivery after a previous C-section.
  • Specialized service in “premium family delivery rooms" where families can share the entire process including hospitalization, labor, delivery, and recovery.
  • 24-hour availability of specialists in obstetrics, anesthesiology, and pediatrics departments to handle emergencies.

Customized delivery is a system that adjusts the delivery method to the mother’s birthing choice through consultation with a specialist. This provides the best delivery method most suitable for the mother according to her requests, medical history, and health.

In particular, family delivery helps to achieve a healthy birth by reducing the fear and tension of the mother through a synergistic effect on mental and physical stability.

In addition, painless delivery, which is when an anesthetic agent is administered to the epidural space between the lumbar spine, so as not to feel pain during labor and delivery, is provided when requested and is confirmed by the anesthesiologist.

Through the customized delivery class at the Culture Center for Mothers, you will be able to prepare for childbirth comfortably and safely by reducing the mental and physical tension and promoting psychological stability.