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Natural Birth

The following is information about CHA Ilsan Medical Center’s Natural Birth. We will do our best to care for our mothers.
For Natural Birth inquires at CHA Ilsan Medical Center : 031-782-8535(KOR)
What is Natural Birth?

Natural childbirth is vaginal labor and delivery with limited to no medical intervention and respects the choices and rights of the mothers.

Natural Birth Family Delivery Room

Natural Birth Family Delivery Room is inside the Delivery Room on the 6th floor at CHA Ilsan Medical Center.

  • A Great Choice to Give Birth at CHA Ilsan Medical Center. The Natural Birth Family Delivery Room at CHA Ilsan Medical Center offers the same feeling of stability and peace as going through labor and delivery at home and also supports a customized delivery system for each individual mothers. In addition, spouse and family members can participate together during the whole childbirth process while experiencing the miracle of life.
    1. 11:1 Customized Consultation – designated physician, education available from prenatal care to postpartum care, and professional nurses providing complete care and support
    2. 2Specialists Available 24-Hours – specialists ready to act in emergency situations during delivery
    3. 3Special Environment – delivering in the comfort and warmth of family
    4. 4Together with Newborn – newborn bonding with family immediately after birth
  • For inquires
    • Prenatal Care Room : 031-782-8355(KOR)
    • Delivery Room : 031-782-8535(KOR)